Hi, I'm Tracy Smith,
you're personalized

ENERGY Concierge 

I will help you expand and educate your awareness of your ENERGY.

Everything is ENERGY.

Where your focus goes, your ENERGY goes. Your thoughts begin and direct it. Your emotions and feelings amplify it. Your beliefs and faith increase it. This is the ENERGY frequency you are omitting.

Love and Light,

Tracy J. Smith

What Can I Do For You?

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Bodywork  Credentials 

- Certified Yoga Instructor/ Rehab Instructor

- Certified Pilates Instructor /Rehab Instructor

- Certified Titleist- Medical, Fitness & Golf

- Certified Personal Trainer

- Certified Breath Work, Restorative Breathing

- Certified Chinese Cupping

- Certified FST (Facial Stretch Therapist) all levels

- Certified RUIT (Repetitive Use Injury Therapy) all levels

- Certified MST (Muscle Stretch Therapy) all levels

- Certified NKT (NeuroKinetic Therapy)

- Certified TRE (Trauma Release Energy) global cert.

Energy Credentials 

- RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy

- IET (Integrated Energy Therapy)

- Master of People and Animal Energy Healing

- Certified Reiki 

- Certified Hands-on Healing

- Certified Barbara Brennan Energy Healing

- Certified Emotion Code

- Certified Body Code

- Trained in Guided Meditation

- Trained in Crystal Bowls and Tuning Forks

- Trained in Mindfulness

- Licensed Prayer Practitioner

- Licensed Spiritual Practitioner of Religious Science

- RTT Hypnosis

(Rapid Transformational Therapy) 

- Energy Sound Frequency with   Bowls and Tuning Forks

- Energy Clearing, Resetting &       Rebalancing

- Emotion Code

- Body Code

- Law of Attraction Coach

Speaking Engagements

Hideaway Golf Club

Morningside Country Club

Ironwood Country Club*

The Springs Country Club

Traditions Country Club

Indian Wells Rotary

Trilogy @ Polo Estates

Hyatt Grand Champions

Women's Leadership Forum

Venus Healing Center

AcQpoint Wellness Center

*Club won an award for this speaking engagement

Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country


I am so grateful for all my sessions, it was amazing! I feel lighter, more positive and ready to move forward.

Casey F. 

You fill my heart with so much joy. You have shown me how to love life again. I can't thank you enough. You are truly a blessing.

Sheri P.

Thank you so much for the inspiring affirmation and for sharing your amazing knowledge, intuition and assisting in my transformation. 

Diana D.